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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Respect for the equal value and rights of all people is fundamental to Coor. We are convinced that a diversity of personalities, experiences and knowledge is enriching and that each employee should be treated respectfully and fairly regardless of gender, background or identity. It is also essential to ensure that all employees continuously have opportunities for development – to grow within Coor.

Employees with a strong drive

Coor’s employees have a strong drive to continually improve our service delivery to the customer. To leverage the full potential of our employees, it is essential that everyone knows that they are seen, that they matter and that they make a difference for Coor. At Coor, we refer to our efforts to build employee engagement as Passion for People. During the year, we carried out several activities to strengthen employee engagement and participation. A large number of employees took part in We Are Coor workplace gatherings, in many cases digitally, in order to highlight the positive energy that exists in the workforce as a whole. These gatherings will continue to be held in 2021.

Diversity makes Coor a better company

For us, diversity is much more than just a word in a governing document. Among our employees, we see a great ethnic and cultural diversity, which we are very proud of. Our ambition is that Coor’s employees should reflect both our customers and society as a whole. We see diversity as enriching – with more perspectives we become better, more profitable and more responsive.

The fact that Coor’s employees come from different backgrounds is a definite asset; it increases our creativity and innovative power. The FM industry is in a better position than many others to employ new arrivals and those who are currently outside the labour market. A person’s first job in a new country is so much more than just a workplace; it provides a context and a community. Coor has an inclusive culture – all our 11,000 employees should feel that they can be themselves and that they will be respected. Coor equips and helps its employees to enter society in various ways, for example through internal language courses or training programmes. And the company receives a return on its investment; diversity management is important for Coor’s brand as an employer, for current as well as potential employees. People want to work at a company where they can be proud of the culture.

Coor joins the REDO campaign

REDO is a national campaign with the aim of job-matching those who have received a residence permit through the new upper secondary school law and companies that need labor. By joining REDO, Coor will recruit as many individuals as possible via REDO's channels, the ambition is to get at least 25 new employees during the year.

See presentation about Coor and REDO here! (In swedish)