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Our FM services cover a wide variety of areas | Coor

We offer services in various areas, ranging from individual cleaning services to complex IFM deliveries. Regardless of which services are provided, we always strive to create the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous workplace environments in the Nordic region. We strive tirelessly to build the teams and full-service solutions that enable our customers to do what they do best.

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a professional partner

Property services

Coor is an expert at property services – some 15 million square metres of floor space across the Nordic region are maintained by Coor. Coor is a professional partner that always ensures it finds a good mix of corrective and planned maintenance over time, with the aim of optimising the cost for the property over its lifecycle.

Employee standing in front of a van with Coor logo on it | Coor
Woman with black work clothes cleaning the window | Coor

a wide variety


Coor’s strength lies in its ability to combine the professiona­lism of a large cleaning services company with the commit­ment of a local player. Coor has the resources, methods and expertise that are required to provide a wide variety of cleaning services: from office cleaning to more advanced services such as cleaning of hospital environments and cleanrooms. In connection with the pandemic, demand for more advanced cleaning services with a focus on disease control has increased.

reduced food waste

Food and beverages

Coor runs a large number of restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The key to success in this business is to adapt to local conditions, as no two countries or regions are alike. That’s why the menus for Coor’s restaurants are based on local produce and adapted to local preferences. All restaurants have a focus on sustainability and reduced food waste.

Chef with white work clothes talking to an employee and serving food | Coor
Two woman sitting behind a desk and taking notes on paper | Coor

a good experience throughout your meeting

Conference services

Meetings, both digital and physical, are an important part of working life. Our conference business includes Coor’s own conference facilities as well as conference services that are provided on site at the customer premises. We ensure that our customers have a good experience throughout their meeting and are happy to assist with special requests.

A well­functioning workplace

Office services

Coor’s goal is to create a workplace where our customers, their employees and guests are happy. This means giving them a warm welcome at reception, good­quality coffee, fruit baskets that are continually replenished, a smooth and efficient mail and freight handling service and functioning photocopiers as well as ensuring that office supplies are always available and that light bulbs are replaced.

These are small but crucial details for ensuring a well­functioning workplace. Here, Coor can easily apply its smart solutions for increased customer satisfaction, for example in the form of sensors that measure the indoor climate and detect whether conference rooms are being used. Together with the Swedish clean tech firm LightAir, Coor has developed an offer to create a safer indoor climate through virus control and indoor air filtration.

Woman in black clothes looking at the flowers in a vase |Coor
Security guy helping a little girl | Coor

Long experience of providing security solutions


Coor has long experience of providing security solutions for businesses with high security requirements. Security guards, security technology, access control and fire safety are a few examples of Coor’s security services.

an appealing and safe outdoor environment

Outdoor environments

The outdoor environment is what our customers and their employees encounter first upon arriving at work in the morning. Coor ensures that bushes, lawns and flower beds always look their best. In the winter, car parks and roads are ploughed and main­ tained – all to create an appealing and safe outdoor environment.

Man holding a van door with Coor logo on it | Coor