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Develop your service skills

To make it easier for employees to integrate into Coor as well as develop their service skills, we have developed a training programme for all Coor employees called the Coor Service School.

Since we have wide-ranging operations, both in terms of the sectors we cover and our geographical spread, the training program is aimed at creating a unitary approach to service and work. We also want to increase opportunities for knowledge exchange between contracts, regions and units.

Coor Service School – popular basic training course

Since 2006, over 4,800 staff have taken part in the basic Coor Service School course. The course evaluations show that the training is very popular: a full 98 percent rate the course as good or very good. The training is held locally in the native language.

Exciting advanced training

In addition to the basic course, we have developed an advanced training course focusing on our service delivery and customer relations. About 750 people have taken the advanced training course. This course is also highly appreciated by Coor employees.

Continuous professional training

In addition to the broad programme at Coor Service School, Coor's employees have opportunities to develop within their own professional field through job-specific training. The need for such development is discussed during the annual performance appraisal meetings which all Coor employees attend, and is followed up during obligatory follow-up discussions.