A safe and sound place to work

As a responsible employer, Coor wants to offer a safe and sound workplace, which involves focusing on health and safety.

Safety in the working environment

Coor has a clear vision of zero accidents. No one working on assignment at Coor should be at risk of injury. Coor delivers a broad array of services in different environments, which means risks vary, so health and safety work needs to be tailored to different circumstances. To ensure a high risk and safety awareness across the company, Coor has implemented a group wide safety platform, including a collective safety attitude – "Your safety is your responsibility and mine".

Health-promotion work

Primarily,wellness efforts are conducted locally, depending on the nature of the workplace and duties, but there are action-plans to reduce sickness absence in each country. When needed, central initiatives are also conducted.

Action-plans encompass the systematic follow-up of all sick leave, support to staff during sick leave and preventative health work. Sick leave is also followed up at group level, and group-wide initiatives are conducted as required.