Social, coor, sustainability

Social responsibility and sustainability

To Coor, social sustainability means great responsibility as an employer, but also local social community involvement.

Overall objective and strategy

The overall ambition within the social area is to strive for a better society by acting as a responsible and respectful employer as well as contributing to improved social progress within the geographics we are operating.

This will be achieved by Coor taking all people´s equal value and rights into account, and by providing all staff with a good, safe, fair, non-discriminatory work environment. In addition to this, employee development is a priority. We also make a difference by different kinds of local community involvement.

Coor complies with the UN’s Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) and OECD Anti-Bribry Convention. Coor also fully applies with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, including the diversity principles there stated.

Position of principles

Within the social area, Coor is focusing on the following:

  • Coor actively work for well-being employees and a safe working environment

  • Coor nurtures diversity, equality and a professional development of our employees

  • Coor should contribute to social progress by local community involvement

Social sustainability efforts

Work within social sustainability is described in Coor´s annual Sustainability Report (see below).