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Passion for people

Respect for the equal value and rights of all people is fundamental to Coor. Social sustainability is about taking responsibility as an employer and engaging in social development at the local level.

Focus on people

Employee engagement

Coor’s employees have a strong drive to continually improve our service delivery to the customer. Coupled with a structured innovation process, this highly developed culture of improvement makes it possible to realise identified improvements. To leverage the full potential of our employees, it is essential that everyone knows that they are seen, that they matter and that they make a difference for Coor. At Coor, we refer to our efforts to build employee engagement as Passion for People.

Health and safety

All employees should be able to work in a good and safe environment. Coor’s health and safety activities are based on identified risks as well as general legal requirements, and cover risks linked to the physical as well as psychosocial work environment. At the beginning of 2019, Coor received ISO 45001:2018 certification for our health and safety work, and the first periodic audits were conducted during the year. The certification helped to raise risk awareness throughout the organisation, as is also evident in the report from DNV-GL. The report shows that our focus is not just on the physical work environment, but also on the psychosocial aspects. This minimises the risk of work-related stress and ill health.

Coor society program

At Coor, we believe in giving something back to the societies in which we operate. Coor Society Program helps to promote sustainable development by simplifying the integration of new employees, and helping those who need assistance and support. To realise this objective, each country runs its own initiatives through local networks. Some of the ongoing projects include: language courses for employees who have recently arrived in the country, opportunities for Coor employees to participate in further education courses alongside their work, mentorship for entrepreneurs in suburban areas, help to join the labour force for the long-term unemployed and help with homework for children and young people in deprived neighbourhoods.