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The future workplace after corona

The Corona crisis is affecting and will affect us for a long time to come. But soon, our employees will return to the offices; How do we go back in a safe and secure way?

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Interim Report Q3, January—September 2021


Coor awarded gold rating by EcoVadis

The gold rating from EcoVadis places Coor among the top 5% of global companies in terms of CSR work. The rating was awarded following an extensive review of Coor’s work.

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The office is dead - long live the office!

The office as we know it no longer exists—the workplace of the future is a holistic experience focused on networking, hybrid working, services and employee wellbeing. This is a place that employees actively choose to go to because it makes their working day easier and provides community and opportunities for personal development.

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A conversation - the future is here

How does the rapid development affect companies and us as employees, and how does it affect our working life? Together with the brain researcher and author Katarina Gospic, we deep dive into the trends and challenges we see connected to and the workplace of the future.

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This is how we want to work

The office will continue to play an important role in the future, with flexible hybrid solutions that encourage creativity and collaboration that strengthen corporate culture. There will be fewer desks and increased focus on wellbeing. This is what Coor’s survey of just over 500 Nordic companies found.

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“Companies that don’t value sustainability will disappear”

How do you create a greener workplace? Maria Ekman, Head of Sustainability at Coor, shares her top tips.

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Annual Report (incl. Sustainability Report)

The Annual Report describes Coor's operations, strategy and performance for the fiscal year 2020.

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"For us, sustainability is about much more than just the environmental aspects—it is about running our business as efficiently as possible in three dimensions", says Klas Elmberg, CFO Coor.

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Coor’s vehicle fleet is being electrified

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We strive to be the most innovative company in the FM industry.

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Sustainability is a key focus area at Coor.

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