Coor, sustainability

Business responsibility - economic sustainability

At Coor, business sustainability means an ethically justifiable and profitable devleopment over time, which is achieved thorugh focus on performance, growth, quality and development.

Overall objective and strategy

The overall ambition within the business area is to achieve long-term business sustainability by striving for a stable and profitable progress over time and by applying good business practice.

In order to get there, Coor needs to provide a competitive, professional and value-adding service delivery based on continously improved operations. This ensures good demand for our services and long-lasting customer collaborations. A sharp focus on results is also important, as well as respecting laws, and applying good business practice.

Position of principles

Within the business area, Coor is focusing on the following:

  • Coor should conduct a professional operation, delivering value-adding and innovative solutions based on our customer´s standards of functionality, finances and reliability.

  • Coor will progress stably and profitably proceeding from a good ethical and moral attitude

  • Coor will provide accurate and relevant information in a secure manner

Business sustainability efforts

Work within business sustainability is described in Coor´s annual Sustainability Report (see below).