Coor, sustainability, environment

Environmental responsibility

Environmental sustainability for Coor means protecting the environment by actively trying to reduce our own and our customers´environmental impact as well as optimizing resource utilisation.

Overall objective and strategy

The overall ambition within environmental responsibility is to protect the environment by actively trying to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact, as well as to reduce the resource utilization – both activites carried out in-house and by suppliers.

In order to achieve this, we aim for improved environmental performance by acting as a green advisor to help clients reduce their environmental impact as well as actively reduce our own environmental impact, i.e. energy usage, waste management, chemical use, carbon emissions from transports and raw materials handling.

Position of principles

Within the environmental area, Coor is focusing on the following:

  • Coor should actively endeavor to minimize our customers’ environmental impact, and not least, their energy consumption

  • Coor should conduct structured and proactive internal environmental work

Environmental sustainability efforts

Work within environmental sustainability is described in Coor´s annual Sustainability Report (see below).