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The Board

The duties of the Board of Directors are regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, Coor’s Articles of Association and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Additionally, the work of the Board of Directors is regulated by the rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors each year. The rules of procedure regulate the division of duties and responsibilities between Board members, the Chairman of the Board, Project Committee and CEO, and state the processes governing financial reporting for the CEO. The Board of Directors also adopts instructions for the Board of Directors’ committees.

The duties and work of the Board of Directors are described in the Corporate Governance Reports.

The Board of Directors elected by the AGM in 2024

Mats Granryd

Director since 2016. Chairman of the Board since 2017. Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

Born: 1962
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Professional experience: President and CEO of Tele2 Group, Managing Director of Ericsson India, UK, Northern Europe & Central Asia and North Africa, Head of Supply & Logistics in the Ericsson Group. Consultant at Arrigo and Andersen Consulting.
Other current appointments: Director General of GSMA. Chairman of Vattenfall. Director at Sveriges Television.
Share ownership: 50,000 shares.

Magnus Meyer

Director since 2021. Chairman of the Project Committee and member of the Audit Committee. Independent in relation to the company, the company’s senior executives and major shareholders of the company.

Born: 1967
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering and Licentiate of Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.
Professional experience: President and CEO WSP Europe and Tengbomgruppen AB. Various senior positions at GE Real Estate and Ljungberggruppen AB.
Other assignments: Chairman of HIQ international AB, Director of AB Fagerhult, Vasakronan AB, Slättö Förvaltning AB and Kinnarps AB as well as other companies.
Share ownership: 6,866 shares.

Heidi Skaaret

Director since 2016. Member of the Audit Committee.

Born: 1961
Education: MBA, University of Washington, USA.
Professional experience: President of Lindorff AS and EVP Lindorff Group AB, CEO of IKANO Bank Norway, Bank Executive DNB ASA.
Other current appointments: Chief Operating Officer at Storebrand ASA, Chairman of Storebrand ASA, Storebrand Forsikring AS, Storebrand Helseforsikring AS and Kron AS.
Share ownership: 2,500

Linda Wikström

Member of the Board since 2022. Member of the Project Committee. Independent in relation to the company, the company’s senior executives and major shareholders of the company.

Born: 1975
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, University of Colorado, USA.
Professional experience: COO Desenio Group AB and AniCura Group AB. Investment Professional Triton Partners and Investment Banker JP Morgan.
Other current appointments: COO and Deputy CEO at Cary Group AB, member of the board of Consilium Marine & Safety AB.
Share ownership: 0

Karin Jarl Månsson

Member of the Board since 2022. Member of the Remuneration Committee and the Project Committee. Independent in relation to the company, the company’s senior executives and major shareholders of the company.

Born: 1964
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, Institute of Technology Linköping.

Professional experience: Business Development Manager Siemens Smart Infrastructure in the Nordics, Sales Director Siemens Energy Management in the Nordics, CEO E.ON Sales AB, CEO E.ON Heat Sweden AB. Various leading positions within E.ON.

Other current assignments: Board member of Ellevio AB, System Verification AB, Qvantum Industries AB, Copenhagen Malmö Port, Axsol and FC Rosengård.

Share ownership: 2,500

Photo: Anneli Larsson

Catarina Fritz

Born: 1963.

Education and experience: Bachelor of Economics, Stockholm University. CFO and CEO Akademiska Hus, CFO Keolis Sweden, Frösunda LSS, Addici Holding, Aditro Group, Stockholmsbörsen and CFO Investor.

Other ongoing assignments: Board member of Green Cargo, Svevia, Bjerking and ByggVesta.

Catarina Fritz joined the board in 2024 and said this when elected during the Annual General Meeting:

”I have broad experience both from larger companies with a Nordic focus and from different industries. Sustainability is a major interest for me, and Coor is at the forefront of this. It is particularly pleasing that my former employer Addici is part of the group and it feels like we have come full circle".

Jens Lööw

Born: 1965.

Education and experience: Bachelor of Economics, Umeå University School of Economics. EVP & CFO Iver and CFO Piab. Various leading positions within Telia and globally within Ericsson.

Other ongoing assignments: CFO Eleda.

Jens Lööw was elected as a member of the board during the Annual General Meeting 2024. This is what he said then;

”I am really looking forward to work on the board of Coor and I think I have a lot to contribute. I have experience from many different industries and have worked abroad for a large part of my professional life. Customer focus is important to me, and I am passionate about operational efficiency."

Glenn Evans

Director since 2013. Employee Representative.

Born: 1959


Rikard Milde

Director since 2019. Employee Representative.

Born: 1967

Urban Rääf

Director since 2021. Employee Representative.

Born: 1958

Remuneration to members of the board of directors

Fees to Board members elected by shareholders’ meetings are resolved by the AGM after proposals from the Nomination Committee. The table below states fees paid to Board members elected by shareholders´meetings in 2024.


Board Member Board Rem com Audit com Project com Total
Mats Granryd (Chairm.) 865,000 SEK (Chairm.) 75,000 SEK (Charim.)   75,000 SEK 1,105,000 SEK
Linda Wikström 315,000 SEK      75,000 SEK 390,000 SEK
Kristina Schauman 315,000 SEK 50,000 SEK  225,000 SEK (Chairm.)   590,000 SEK
Heidi Skaaret 315,000 SEK   110,000 SEK   425,000 SEK
Magnus Meyer 315,000 SEK   110,000 SEK 100,000 SEK (Chairm.) 525,000 SEK
Karin Jarl Månsson 315,000 SEK 50,000 SEK   75,000 SEK 440,000 SEK
Total         3,385,000 SEK