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You are the difference

We know that you will grow when you truly feel appreciated for who you are and develop in the direction you want to. We know that you will come up with more ideas and see what no one else sees if you are encouraged instead of limited. That's why you will be trusted and given responsibility. At Coor, you are the difference.

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Join a team with passion for people and service

We know that we become stronger, bring more value to our customers and have more fun when we meet each other with curiosity and empower each other. When people with different personalities, backgrounds and talents are trusted, included, and work together. We see it every day.

Our joint mission is to create the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous workplace environments. Our way to succeed with the complex challenges that we face on a daily basis is to have an ambition to see further than the task at hand. That’s probably why we are Nordics’ leading facility management company.

If you too have a passion for people and service - follow the path on this page and see where it may lead you.

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"Passion for people. 

Passion for service."

What you can do at Coor

We depend on innovative people who take initiative. People who want to contribute to a more sustainable world, improve our service and surprise our customers. Explore our business areas; maybe you will find the perfect role for you.

We are Coor

”I enjoy combining operational work with a strategic approach”

Meet Helena Hogman, IT Service Manager at Coor.

Did you know?

Coor in Norway has been awarded the Akan Prize for preventing drug addiction through training, attitudecreating work and guidance for managers and employees.

Akan Prize | Coor

Property technicians in Denmark use Hololenses to get a sound and image guide when performing maintenance installations where they lack experience.

En mandlige elektriker der fikser ledninger
Mimbox | Coor

Coor uses the Mimbox for washing machines, which reduces water consumption by up to 70% and captures harmful substances before they reach our oceans.

Society Program Slim | Coor

Coor Society Program simplifies integration. For example by language teaching, mentorship for entrepreneurs in the suburbs and homework help for children.

En mandlig rengøringsmedarbejder der gør rent på nogle paneler

When you grow - we grow

We are growing as a company and we want to see you grow along with us. Whether it is in your current role, when developing your leadership skills or trying out new tasks. We let you grow in the direction you want to, with a foundation of safe working conditions and collective labor agreement.

We will never stop improving

We are a large company working with some of the world’s most innovative startups and most trusted organizations. With over 13,000 empowered employees, we can achieve a lot. Join us and make us even better.

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