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“We have a lot of fun at work”

When one of Coor’s customer contracts ended, Sandra Karlsson had the opportunity to start work in a new role with a new customer in the same city. Now she feels even more secure at Coor.

Sandra Karlsson

What do you do at Coor?

“At the moment I work as a customer host with one of our customers here in Gothenburg. The customer will soon be moving into new premises nearby, and I will then return to my job as a receptionist. In my role as customer host I do a little bit of everything around the office. I top up the supplies in printer rooms, handle mail and deal with goods management, take care of keys, and receive and expedite orders, just to name a few things.

How long have you been with Coor?

“I joined Coor through a temping agency just over five years ago. After six months, I was permanently employed by Coor. I worked as a customer host to start with, but quite quickly moved on to reception, as I had previous experience of this.

What’s it like to work at Coor?

“I love it. The job is fun and varied. Coor is a large company and there’s potential for development if that’s what you’re looking for.

What is your favorite task during the day?

“I like the whole experience. I enjoy the administrative work in combination with meeting people. It’s always satisfying to provide customers with great service.

How would you describe the team spirit where you work?

“There are two of us that work together here in workplace services, we’re a small but strong team. Because we enjoy doing different things, we complement each other well and always have a lot of fun at work. Coor cleaning also works with this customer, so we also collaborate a lot with them.

During the spring you changed contracts and started working with a new customer—how was that?

“I’ve never been worried about losing my job. Before we lost the contract with that customer, I’d never given it any thought that the contracts are only for a fixed period of time. When we were told about the changes, I thought that things would work out in one way or another. My colleagues and I were all offered new jobs and I’m really pleased that that’s how it turned out, even if we were a really great team when we were all working together. It’s really turned out great for me working with the new customer. Now I feel even more secure working at Coor.

About Sandra Karlsson

Age: 36

Lives in: Gothenburg

Works as: Receptionist/Customer Host

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