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Happy Holidays

For many, this is a time to look forward to some time off with friends and family. We would like to give you some tips on how to make the holidays more sustainable and less stressful.

Have a green Christmas

Celebrate the holidays in a more sustainable way this year. By eating less meat and buying seasonal, local produce, you reduce the food miles and cut down greenhouse emissions. There are lots of delicious, vegetarian recipes for your holiday feast. Look for organic alternatives at the grocery store; and avoid pre-packed food when possible, to reduce waste. Compost vegetable peels and leftover food that you don’t want to eat. 



Don’t worry, be happy

For many, the holiday season is a source of stress and anxiety. Most of the pressure comes from our own expectations. Add to that social media, where everyone else’s perfect holiday preparations cause even more anxiety. Lower your expectations, focus on what is most important and ditch Instagram for a couple of weeks, and you will be less stressed. Get plenty of sleep, make time for breaks and don’t forget to savor the moments. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly. Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with joy, peace and prosperity.


Time is precious

Avoid the stress of shopping for gifts that no one really wants or needs. Instead, treat your loved ones to a festive holiday show or brunch at a fancy restaurant. That way you get to share quality time and wonderful experiences together, something that is more valuable to most than any present. Buy tickets or make reservations online to save time, but don’t wait until the last minute if you want good seats.


Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with joy, peace and prosperity.