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Employees creating a chart on market trends of IFM in 2025 | Coor

Integrated Facility Management: Predicted Market Trends Until 2025

A business’s success depends on multiple factors. An efficiently managed workplace is one of them. Having business environments that are well-maintained improves employee morale and productivity. Hence, utilizing integrated facility management services will benefit your organization as a whole. Integrated facility management helps organizations transform their work-space into a hassle-free and happy work environment.

When your organization decides to make use of integrated facility management services, rest assured that the provider will be able to take care of all your facility management needs including, but not limited to, cleaning, property maintenance, office services, canteen and security. When non-core business processes like these are managed through the delivery of integrated facility management, it allows business owners to focus on achieving their prime objectives. 

To match up to the expanding business needs, there are several upcoming advanced integrated facility management market trends. Continue reading to know more about what these trends are predicted to be in 2025.   

Cyber Security for Smart Buildings

Technology is taking over industries and domains one after another. As a result, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. Organizations nowadays pay a lot of attention to operational technology when creating a cybersecurity plan. Considering the development of technologies like IoT, machine learning and more, organizations will now and in the upcoming years have to focus on making their IT environment more secure with the help of various cybersecurity services and devices. 

Increased Use of Sustainable Products 

Organizations are becoming more environmentally aware. They are taking various steps to make their workspaces more environmentally-friendly by utilizing sustainable and renewable products. To balance this change, integrated facility management service providers are also seen investing and focusing their efforts on green cleaning and services that are more environment-friendly. As this change is being rapidly adopted, a lot of facility management problems are getting resolved and the use of sustainable products and services are becoming more common in many organizations. 

IoT in Organisations Will Get More Powerful

We live in an era where the potential of the internet cannot be understated. As a result of various technological advancements like IoT and other cloud-based technologies, data is readily available at our fingertips. It has been predicted that when it comes to integrated facility management, IoT is going to become faster, smarter and a medium for a point of constant connection between two or more services. There will be a distinctive increase in automation systems providing data in real-time leading to more flexible facilities. Coffee machines automatically suggesting and serving you your preferred combination based on available data on you will soon be a reality. 

Broad Portfolio of Services

As the millennial generation is seen to be taking over, the need for convenience is increasing. Organizations in the years to come will look for providers that offer facility management services in the most integrated manner. This will enable hassle-free regulation of all the services required for an organization to function.  According to predictions, availability of data will become a lever for organizations to adjust the service delivery in real time.