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SmartDrone - Providing new smart ways of working

Coor SmartDrone is not only an innovative solution for inspecting our customers' facilities, but also a powerful tool for our employees to perform our services more efficiently.

"A common use case for SmartDrone is to inspect a building's condition and search for defects that are otherwise hard to detect, such as energy and water leakages. But the solution is so much more than just a new way of performing inspections. It is a powerful tool that can be utilized in many aspects of our daily work within property services as well," Ylva Norlin, Service Development Manager at Coor Group, explains.

Erik Sekse, Project Manager for Coor at Equinor in Norway, quickly saw a lot of potential in the solution when he accessed the 3D model of the customer’s facilities. He has a digital twin of the customer’s site, which he easily can access on his computer or smartphone, providing him with smarter ways of working. Erik Sekse is using the model for everything from controlling the dimensions of a window to planning larger reconstructions together with subcontractors.
According to Erik, the most time-saving use case so far is the BREEAM-certification of the building. "This is usually a time-consuming task because it requires detailed information, such as the exact size of windows and glass surfaces, dimensions of facades, where sunshade exists and so on. With the functionality in the tool, I easily get this information from the 3D model instead of having to run around the site to count and measure."

Use cases for Coor SmartDrone

Erik Sekse continuously finds more ways to use the tool, adding up to his long list of already adopted use cases:

• Understanding how to access assets on the roof and evaluating if safety equipment is needed
• Planning renovation projects, such as replacements of roof and facades
• Measuring heights before ordering lifts or scaffolds
• Quantifying areas for material and price estimations
• Showing subcontractors where a specific job will take place
• Showing the facility in interviews to create a common understanding of the job