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Coor offers climate-smart meetings

Coor is one of the Nordics’ largest service providers, offering over one hundred services. One of the services we offer is smart conferences in our centrally located conference facilities in Stockholm and Gothenburg. These facilities now offer the option of booking climate offset meetings.

“Coor Conference Services provides centrally located meeting and conference facilities in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Although a conference facility that is centrally located and can be reached with public transport is an environmentally friendly choice in itself, we’re now also making it possible for our guests to offset the environmental impact of meetings fully,” commented Per Julin, Contract Developer at Coor Conference Services.

The climate offset means that the CO2 emissions generated by the meeting, primarily caused by heating the premises and food consumption, are offset by measures that reduce emissions. Coor uses a lump sum payment, developed by climate consultant Tricorona Climate Partner, to calculate the climate impact of meetings, at a cost of SEK 3 per participant. In addition, Coor Conference Services also offers their conference guests the opportunity to choose an environmental gift rather than the more traditional flowers, which are often ordered as an extra at conferences.

“We’ve just started to offer our customers this possibility, so it’s a little early to comment on the impact. However, the response so far has been positive. The climate issue is becoming increasingly important, both for corporations and individuals, and it’s positive to be able to meet the growing demand for climate smart solutions with concrete actions,” commented Åsvor Brynnel, Communications and Sustainability Director at Coor.

To begin with, the initiative is supporting an environmental project operated by Tricorona Climate Partner in Ghana, which provides families with access to energy-efficient and insulated Gyapa cookers. These cookers reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions, which benefits the climate, local people and the environment.

Relevant links:
Book your conference and read more about climate offset services here: www.coorkonferens.se

More information, press images etc. are available on www.coor.com. For further information, contact:

Per Julin, Head of Business Development, Coor Conference Services, +46 10 559 65 42, per.julin@coor.com

Åsvor Brynnel, Communications- and Sustainability Director, Coor
+46 10 559 54 04, asvor.brynnel@coor.com