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Coor wins prestigious assignment for Tele2’s new head office

Coor has signed a new agreement relating to the delivery of workplace (soft FM) and restaurant services to Tele2’s new head office in Klövern’s new premium property Isafjord 8. The assignment is worth a total of some SEK 40 m annually. 

Coor’s service delivery to Tele2 and Klövern will begin in late autumn 2016 and is divided into two parts. The agreement with Tele2 relates to workplace services such as cleaning, reception, switchboard and coffee for Tele2’s 1,800 staff. The rental agreement with property owner Klövern implies that Coor will operate a restaurant in the property.

“It’s always particularly pleasing to participate in developing services for a new, modern property and an ambitious customer. Tele2 seeks to be a leader in providing modern workspaces for the connected employee, which is entirely in line with our philosophy,” commented Mikael Stöhr, CEO and President at Coor.

FOOD by Coor will deliver restaurant services to all tenants in the property, with Tele2 as the largest tenant. The restaurant has capacity for 800-900 guests per day with a floor space of approximately 1,200 m2. The restaurant will also be open to the public. FOOD by Coor has also signed an agreement regarding operating a café in Tele2’s premises.

“Our ambition is that FOOD by Coor should provide the best restaurant concept in the market, and we’ll be working hard to ensure that all our guests and tenants are satisfied. We’re extremely pleased with the new assignments with Klövern and Tele2. Our objective is to create an excellent environment for all tenants and visitors in the property in close collaboration with the customers,” commented Klas Elmberg, deputy President of Coor in Sweden.

More information, press images etc. are available at www.coor.com. For further information, contact :

Klas Elmberg, Deputy CEO, Coor Sweden +46 10 559 65 80, klas.elmberg@coor.com

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, +46 10 559 54 04, asvor.brynnel@coor.com

Sofie Schough, Communications Manager, Coor Sweden, +46 10 559 59 83, sofie.schough@coor.com