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Coor’s Annual Report (incl. Sustainability Report) for 2015 is available on the Group´s website as of today

The Annual Report describes Coor’s operations, strategy and performance for the fiscal year 2015, and is now available as a pdf version at www.coor.com/Investors/Reports-and-publications (English version) or www.coor.se/Investors/Rapporter-och-publikationer (Swedish version). 

The printed version will be distributed in the beginning of week 16 to shareholders and others that specifically have requested a printed report. It can also be ordered at www.coor.com or via email to ir@coor.com

The information is disclosed pursuant to the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on April 7, 2016, at 08:30 CET.

Åsvor BrynnelCommunications and Sustainability Manager, Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 54 04, asvor.brynnel@coor.com
Thomas BacktemanIR Manager, Coor Service Management, +46 70 831 11 66, thomas.backteman@coor.com
Sara Marin, IR Coordinator, Coor Service Management, +46 10 559 59 51, sara.marin@coor.com