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Coor - first in Europe with next-generation cleaning robot

Another first for Coor, as it launches a new, pioneering cleaning robot, which is the first professional roller-brush vacuum cleaner for public environments. This new innovative robot executes cleaning quickly and sustainably, while also achieving high quality.

Taski Aerobot 1850 is a cleaning robot that works without an operator. 16 sensors detect 360° around the robot, which means it’s safe for its surroundings. It can also stop in 0.48 seconds, which is faster than human reaction times. The robot consistently executes daily floor cleaning, at a speed of up to 1,000 m² per hour.

“This is a really exciting innovation. We’re piloting the robot at our head office, to then roll it out with customers. The robot offers a wealth of advantages, including an environmentally friendly air filtration system that achieves documented and very high cleaning quality. Cleaners can also reallocate work to execute more complex duties themselves—quite simply, it’s a win-win,” says Karin Sparr, Business Unit Manager at Coor, Specialist Services. 

The robot is named "Jim", and went live at Coor’s offices on 4 May.

“Coor delivers intelligent support service solutions that are always evolving and adapting to customers’ changing circumstances and challenges. Our ambition is to stay at the leading edge of progress, as evidenced by this product launch. Utilizing QR codes, sensors, drones and various robots in our deliveries is

Mer information, pressbilder etc finns på www.coor.com. För ytterligare information, kontakta:
Karin Sparr Affärsenhetschef, Specialisttjänster +46 10 559 65 95 karin.sparr@coor.com
Rikard Wannerholt Chef Verksamhetsutveckling och Transformation +46 70 236 44 51 rikard.wannerholt@coor.com
Sofie Schough Kommunikationschef, Coor i Sverige +46 10 559 59 83 sofie.schough@coor.com

becoming more common nowadays,” added Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Operational Development and Transformation at Coor.