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Coor upgrades digital interface for superior customer experiences

Service is about perceived quality, an understanding that’s central to Coor’s continuous improvement work. During 2017, Coor has put a special focus on developing the digital platforms embedded in the customer dialogue – Coor Service Portal and the FOOD by Coor portal. 

With the aim of enhancing the customer’s experience and increasing availability, Coor has executed dedicated initiatives to enhance its largest digital customer platforms.

Coor Service Portal is a customer portal that many of its customers use Nordic wide. The portal is fully responsive and embedded in a responsive cloud-based solution that is easily accessible from all types of device (PCs, tablets and mobiles). It enables Coor’s end-users to find information, manage cases, place orders or make bookings. The portal is linked to Coor’s CRM system, which supports automated workflows and makes cases fully traceable.

FOOD by Coor Portal is a dedicated restaurant portal. Apart from menu information, it also has functionality to order food and related products to take away.

“As the leading service provider in the Nordics, it’s important that we have a good understanding of how to use new technology on our deliveries. The ability to offer our customers really good, state-of-the-art customer platforms is part of these efforts. Users should experience Coor as a provider that adds value, which these platforms contribute to,” commented Rikard Wannerholt, Coor’s Head of Operational Development & Transformation.

Both platforms have gone live in parts of Coor’s business, and will be rolled out during 2017.

For more information, images etc., please visit www.coor.com or contact:

Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Operational Development and Transformation
+46 10 559 59 35,

Sofie Schough, acting Communictions Director
+46 10 559 59 83,