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Climate-smart FM solutions

Eight tips that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions – and that turns you, the FM Manager, into a climate hero.

Clearly, what can be done to reduce the climate impact varies between companies. Shifting to renewable energy sources and introducing smarter production methods that consume less energy and raw materials, and generate less energy spillages, is a hot topic right now. We've listed some of the measures that we think Coor can help you with:

1) Arrange your energy auditing

Coor has the expertise required to perform energy audits for companies with over 250 employees and turnover above EUR 50 m that are now compulsory under a new EU directive. The advantage of energy auditing is that it improves control over energy consumption and identifies energy savings measures. The auditing includes transport. Coor can help you to register, audit and produce reports that comply with the regulatory requirements.
For more information, please contact Robin Kairis, robin.kairis@coor.com or +46 10‑559 62 20.

2) Manage your systematic energy efficiency work

Systematic energy efficiency initiatives aim to minimize energy consumption, harness surplus energy and avoid unnecessary energy spillages. Coor has a well-established model for systematic energy initiatives that is used by many of our major customers. Our skilled energy specialists and operating engineers monitor the buildings' various systems and leading-edge technology.
To get in touch with one of our experts, contact Kjell Wåhlgren kjell.wahlgren@coor.com or +46 10‑559 62 16.

3) Create energy-efficient data centers

From January 2016, Coor's energy specialists are certified by the US Energy Information Administration to offer qualitative services relating to energy-efficient operations of data centers, which reduces operating and maintenance costs. We offer smaller-scale reviews to suggest areas of improvement, as well as more comprehensive overviews that optimize the operational efficiency of the data Centre and associated systems.
To get in touch with one of our data Centre experts, contact Jonas Wallenskog, jonas.wallenskog@coor.com or +46 10‑559 62 27.

4) Space optimization of your premises

A well-planned office space means that every square meter is utilized optimally. Activity-based solutions, where employees share work stations, are founded on space optimization. With the right planning, this also increases well-being and productivity. Coor's smart solutions for modern offices save money and are environmentally friendly. We've now helped many of the Nordics' largest companies by providing advice regarding activity-based, space-optimized solutions.
For more information, contact Anna Nordin, anna.nordin@coor.com or +46 10‑559 59 43.

5) Environmentally audit all your FM services

Coor has developed a proprietary tool, Coor Green Services, on the basis of all the recognized environmental certifications, which is used to determine how environmentally friendly your FM services are. The tool specifies a number of criteria for each service, which award different numbers of points. Once a sufficient number of points have been collected, your business is awarded silver or gold certification, evidence that your FM services are environmentally friendly.
Do you want to find out more about how this works? Speak to Maria Eriksson, HSEQ specialist at Coor, maria.eriksson3@coor.com or +46 10‑559 51 69.

6) Let your employees or tenants eat in one of our restaurants

In our restaurants, we actively seek to work with seasonal produce, minimize and appropriately manage waste, and choose the optimal transportation. We can also suggest measures that reduce meat consumption, such as carefully considering the serving of different dishes that make it easy for those customers who want to eat climate smart. All our restaurants in Sweden will be KRAV (organic standard) certified in 2016, and 100% of the coffee we serve in our restaurants is fair trade.
If you want to find out more about our climate smart restaurant solutions, contact Per Asketun, per.asketun@coor.com or +46 10‑559 43 48.

7) Climate-neutral conference facilities at Coor Conference

Our external conference premises in Stockholm and Gothenburg are centrally located. Choosing conference facilities that can be reached with public transport is climate smart. Coor Conference also offers the chance to climate offset the climate impact the conference gives rise to.
For more information about our climate smart conference facilities, contact Per Julin, per.julin@coor.com or +46 10‑559 65 42.

8) Reduce travel by smart remote meetings

We're updated on the latest technology and offer cost efficient opportunities to meet remotely through Coor SmartMeeting.
To find out more about our remote meetings, contact Mattias Wahlgren, Service Developer at Coor mattias.wahlgren@coor.com or +46 10‑559 51 10.