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Service by Coor

Coor is one of the leading suppliers of facilities management in the Nordics and offers specialist skills in more than 100 service areas, which we are continuously developing, improving and adapting to our customers’ needs. Many of our customers order multiple services or even full-service solutions. We call this integrated facility management (IFM), a model where we work closely with the customer to identify synergies and optimize the delivery. In this way, we get the most out of our many experts and the customers, their employees and visitors get the best possible workplace experience. Everything works with Coor, whether you order one or several services.

IFM - tell me more!
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Our service areas


Coor has identified three macro trends that will contribute to making it both possible and desirable to change how we deliver cleaning services. Instead of traditional delivery models, which are often based on frequency or pre-defined tasks, we want to create a flexible delivery model. 


To kolleager der udskifter håndklæder

Food & Beverage

We aim to create new eating habits. Habits that make people and the planet healthier, such as increasing the intake of plant-based diets and reducing food waste. The concept of success is to develop menus based on local ingredients and wishes and embrace new ideas and initiatives. 


The development of new technology in the property business has grown rapidly for the last couple of years. Coor has spotted three key trends, that are crucial to manage and excel in order to become truly sustainable and support customers property service and sustainability ambitions. 

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We help our customers develop and deliver tailored workplace experiences which enable, simplify, and engage people in their everyday work life. And we aim to make them truly sustainable while doing it. Learn more about how Coor makes every workplace moment matter.

Our recipe for a successful service delivery

We design our operations based on two primary success factors – a customer-focused delivery and operational efficiency. We are proud of our ability to design and deliver solutions that are both tailored and scalable, and we do so by working closely with our customers and having good knowledge of local conditions. Thanks to this ability, we work with some of the biggest IFM contracts in the Nordics.

Coor focuses heavily on efficiency and strives to be the best in the business at delivering services that provide enhanced customer benefit. Continuous improvements of our operations are an important part of Coor employees’ everyday work. Innovations that improve our customers’ productivity and reduce resource consumption also contribute to sustainable development.

Long-term sustainability objectives in three dimensions

Vision translated into practice

What can we do for you?

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