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Best things about working at Coor

In a major survey, we asked our employees what they value most about working at Coor. Here are the six areas with the highest scores.

During 2022, we conducted a survey in every country we have operations in. On top of a excellent NPS-score of 25, the survey resulted in a large number of written answers to the question "what do you value about working at Coor?" 

The most common answers from the employer survey were:

  • A warm and welcoming culture
  • Job security
  • Flexibility for work/life-balance 
  • Possibilites for further development
  • An innovative and including workplace
  • Knowledgesharing between employees

Keep reading below to find out what some of our colleagues has to share on how these values shows in the day to day life at Coor.

*NPS = Net Promoter Score - a standarizied value that describe the likeliness for employees to speak well of their workplace and recommend others to apply for employment. The scale ranges from -100 to 100, where 0 is neutral and any score above 20 is favorable. 

1. The warm culture

"Coor saved my life"

The warm culture and encouraging managers are two of the reasons that Foroozan Ahmad Nia enjoys her work as a cleaner at Coor so much. The job at Coor gave Foroozan the opportunity to stay in Sweden.

Foroozan Ahmad Nia
Sandra Karlsson

2. Job sequrity

”We have a lot of fun at work” 

When one of Coor’s customer contracts ended, Sandra Karlsson had the opportunity to start work in a new role with a new customer in the same city. Now she feels even more secure at Coor.

3. Work/life balance

"I value having more time with my grandchildren"

Service Manager Birgit Marquardsen has chosen to reduce her working hours to get more leisure and time with her grandchildren. Like many of Coor’s employees she values the opportunity to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Birgit Marquardsen
Vekstmuligheter - Billy Arvidsson

4. Growth possibilities

“I like to challenge myself in my role as Operations Manager”

Billy Arvidsson went from working as a Control Specialist to becoming Operations Manager at Coor. Working with people and the opportunity to challenge yourself are two things that make Billy really enjoy his work as Operations Manager.

5. An innovative and including workplace

“I get to work independently with what interests me the most”

Mattias Sandquist won Improvement of the Year in 2022 in the Swedish Coor Awards. He works as Operating Technician with responsibility for cooling and heating at Ica’s 100,000 m2 warehouse in Helsingborg and is driven to continuously find new and improved solutions.

Mattias Sandquist

6. The knowledge sharing 

“I think people enjoy getting an overview of what’s going on in other departments”

Joachim Meyer works as Customer Experience Manager at Coor and is one of the company’s most prolific members of staff in terms of knowledge sharing.

Joachim Meyer
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