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Efficient data analysis with Coor SmartEnergy

Properties today account for a large part of global energy consumption, but systems and installations are outdated and energy use is not very efficient. With Coor SmartEnergy, you can collect and analyze data to make your properties more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency | Coor


The current energy situation is not sustainable

In total, real estate accounts for over 35% of global energy consumption and as much as 40% of direct and indirect CO2 emissions. The need for energy also increases every year and so do the costs of energy.

The current situation is not sustainable in the long term - either from an economic or an environmental perspective. The majority of buildings and installations are outdated and lack smart and effective tools for energy efficiency.

The energy consumption of a property can be reduced by over 40%

A basis for positive change is that you have the right and relevant information about what energy use looks like at the moment and the knowledge and competence to analyze this and produce a basis for improvements.


Coor SmartEnergy is a complete system for energy measurement and energy efficiency

The service consists of everything from physical meters to analyzing software and the communication in between. In SmartEnergy, all data is compiled and presented in an easily accessible way for both further analysis and reporting of key figures.

With continuous monitoring of energy use in the property, deviations can be immediately identified. With everything in one and the same package, Coor SmartEnergy is a cost-effective way to get smart energy meters into your facility. With this service and understanding of where and how energy is used, Coor can help you directly reduce your energy use.

We call the solution SmartEnergy.


Webinar on energy efficiency

How you and your company deal with the energy crisis - in the long and short term

Watch our webinar from November 23, 2022.

Energy Webinar | Coor