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SmartDrone - Powered by Spotscale

Coor SmartDrone is a solution combining the latest technology of drones, visual and thermographic high quality video-capturing into a fully scalable 3D model. By creating a digital 3D-twin of your properties, you get complete new overview and an insight not previous possible.

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Perform inspections of your properties from the comfort and safety of your office. All photo-material is captured in high definition, allowing for detailed inspections and documentations. Use the 3D model to easily twist, turn, zoom in, document and quickly share any points of interest.


With the thermographic layer it becomes graphically visualized how the buildings are performing. Discover where energy is disappearing, faulty constructions or water damages which are not visible to the naked eye. The revolutionary use of an infrared layer in 3D allows for in-depth analyses which have not been possible before.


Replace traditional blueprints for any type of planning or coordination. The 3D-model comes with tools for anything from measurements to easy visualizations. With a few clicks you can quickly and accurately gather information such as distances and areas in full 3D.


Integrate BIM-objects to visualize and plan any types of reworks. Methods previously dedicated for architects are now easily usable for anyone. With a few clicks you can easily and accurately place BIM-objects in your 3D-model, get an immediate understanding of how it would look like and how it would fit in the specific environment.

Machine Learning

With machine learning you can automate all processes from finding damages, calculating surfaces to quantifying specific objects covering large areas. Let the AI-based function calculate how many windows of a certain type a building has or teach it how a damaged component looks like and let it quickly visualize them.

”The possibilities for use of the model in visual light are basically endless: measure surfaces before project orders, measure heights prior to heavy lifting, navigate and point directly at the model instead of climbing outside at the physical building. Finding all possible types of cracks and defects in the facade are additional possibilities. The model in infrared light finds heat-transmitting defects in the building shell and has so far been used, for example, to ensure the quality of an additional insulation of a large industrial hangar, ” says Jonas Wallenskog, Head of Department Energy & Sustainability at Coor. 


Coor Wins innovation Award | Coor

Tomas Hultgren

Innovation Manager