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Coor leads the way in better and safer workplaces

As the first larger company in the Nordic Region, Coor has been certified according to the ISO 45001 standard . This is a certification that focuses on both health and safety. Coor has a vision of zero injuries in the workplace and works to ensure that all employees have a positive and safe working environment.

As part of developing and strengthening these efforts, Coor is one of the first larger companies in the Nordics to obtain ISO 45001 certification. This certification focuses on occupational health and safety with the aim of assuring health and safety in the workplace.  

CEO Mikael Stöhr says that safety is key to Coor and that the goal is that all employees should be in good shape at the end of each working day, experience balance in life and their work as meaningful.

- With a certified occupational health and safety management system, we demonstrate that we take this work very seriously, including with regard to our customers, says Mikael Stöhr. We want the certification to be an evidence of Coor’s systematic efforts to lead, direct and develop its occupational health and safety work, and helps managers and employees to continue to strive for even safer and more secure workplaces.

The focus includes both the physical and social working environment, which involves mitigating the risks associated with work tasks, working hours and workload in order to minimize the risk of work-related stress and psychosocial ill health. 

"Our ambition is to create value in three dimensions; business, social and environmental."

Facts about ISO 45001

A certification according to ISO 45001:2018 requires a significant effort to be approved. Coor’s focus on risk observations, its structured work including follow-up of employee satisfaction, a committed management and its People engagement and People performance initiatives were emphasized as key areas for the certification. 

Coor now has three ISO certifications; Quality management 9001:2015, Environmental management 14001:2015 and Occupational health and safety 45001:2018.

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