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Coor expands in Norway

Coor Service Management has signed a new agreement with Norwegian company Aibel to manage and develop a range of services. The agreement runs for four years with an extension option of a maximum of six years.

The new agreement means Coor delivering and developing a large portfolio of services including restaurants, cleaning, reception, security and property maintenance at and around Aibel’s offices and plants nationwide in Nor-way, at Stavanger, Haugesund, Asker, Bergen and elsewhere. These ser-vices were previously delivered by a number of smaller subcontractors.

“We’re delighted about this agreement. By consolidating the number of service providers and taking an overall grasp of this type of service, Aibel will achieve a more economical solution while also im-proving quality, security, control and follow-up. We’re looking forward to our mission of developing support services in close partnership with Aibel,” commented Klas Elmberg, CEO for Coor Service Management in Norway.

The contract is effective from 1 May.

“It’s becoming increasingly common to coordinate all services deliv-ered in and around a property or industrial plant through a single provider. In Sweden, the trend towards integrated service solutions is most pronounced amongst larger, private enterprises, while the public sector has been driving progress in Denmark recently. Although the Norwegian market was previously less mature, the two major Norwegian IFM agreements that Coor recently signed with Statoil and Aibel show that this trend has now reached Norway,” commented Mikael Stöhr, CEO and President of Coor Service Management.

More information, press images, etc. are available at www.coor.com.

For more information, please contact

Mikael Stöhr
President and CEO, Coor Service Management Group
+46 8 553 959 35

Klas Elmgren
President, Coor Service Management in Norway
+46 8 553 965 80

Åsvor Brynnel
Sustainability and Communications Manager,Coor Service Management Group
+46 8 553 954 04

Press release, 10 March 2014