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Digital transformation in the FM and industrial services sectors

Today's ongoing digital transformation is changing everything we do, and affecting every sector. As a leading service management provider, Coor Service Management has taken an overall grasp, and is already piloting an array of new digital solutions. One example is the Internet of Things (IoT), which involves the integration of state-of-the-art sensor technology into the service delivery.

A pilot project is currently ongoing at Coor's own head office in Kista, near Stockholm, involving the large-scale testing of intelligent sensors. The pilot project is a collaboration between Coor Service Management, TeliaSonera, Intel and Yanzi. Fredrik Sandqvist heads up Coor's innovation program.

"We're currently testing various types of sensor technology at our offices, in applications such as reading off when we need to refill photocopier paper or paper towels, empty waste bins, and by monitoring the indoor climate. By proactively responding on the information we receive, we can plan and deliver our support services better, more efficiently and sustainably. For our customers, the benefit is obvious: they get better service delivery, which enhances the job satisfaction and productivity of the people working at the office," comments Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation at Coor Service Management.

Although the technology has been available for some time, it's now starting to become so cost-effective that it can be used on a larger scale. Fredrik Sandqvist is convinced that within the next few years, digital progress will transform how we sell and deliver our services. He also sees several applications outside the office environment.

"We also see exciting opportunities in real estate and industrial services. For example, connected buildings, machinery and equipment give us even greater opportunities to work with predictive, condition based maintenance and energy optimization. The potential and benefits of the IoT are probably greater than we currently understand. Some commentators estimate that within ten years, we'll be on the verge of the fourth Industrial Revolution, so we might as well start preparing now," continues Fredrik Sandqvist.

If you want to know more about how the IoT works in office environments, view this film: Imagine the Smarter Office på www.coor.com.

For more information, images etc, please visit www.coor.com or contact:

Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation
Coor Service Management
+46 10 55 959 53, fredrik.sandqvist@coor.com

Ylva Berg, CIO
Coor Service Management
+46 10 55 959 28, ylva.berg@coor.com

Åsvor Brynnel, Sustainability and Communications Manager
Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 954 04, asvor.brynnel@coor.com