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NCC is Environmental Star of the Year

That company or public body in Coor's customer base that distinguishes itself in its work to achieve more long-term sustainable support services is recognized as Coor's Environmental Star of the Year. For 2013, the winner is NCC.

Coor inaugurated the Environmental Star of the Year award to reward active environmental work. In Sweden, the award goes to that customer whose work creates more long-term sustainable support services. The selection process for Environmental Star of the Year involves an extensive environmental audit of the support services Coor delivers to its customers. In total, 125 different support services at various sites across the Nordics were reviewed. The environmental audit was conducted using Coor’s proprietary Coor Green Services environmental certification tool—the first complete environmental accreditation system in the service management sector.

“NCC won this year’s environmental prize for its huge commitment to Green Services. This year, NCC gained the Gold Standard in its objective of creating the potential for sustainable support services. NCC has been a driver, and support, in environmental work, and we’re really proud of our partnership with them,” commented Ulf Wretskog, President of Coor Sweden.

The award consists of a donation to the charity organization the winner chooses. After polling its staff, NCC chose to make its donation to the WWF Save the Baltic Sea project.

About Coor Green Services

Coor Green Services is an evaluation tool that maps the environmental impact of support services. Services are evaluated on the basis of relevant environmental criteria that are more far-reaching than legislation requires. The environmental accreditation is in two standards: silver and gold. The evaluation tool is dynamic, which means that the tool is modified to progress over time. This tool is unique of its type, and makes Coor the world’s first service management provider to take an overall grasp of environmental issues and can offer its customers complete environmental accreditation.

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For more information, please contact:

Ulf Wretskog, President of Coor Service Management Sweden
+46 8 553 959 40ulf.wretskog@coor.com

Sofie Schough, Communication Manager, Coor Service Management Sweden
+46 70 215 37 09sofie.schough@coor.com

Press release, 19 June 2014