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Result of the yearly environmental audit

In this fourth consecutive year, Coor Service Management has conducted an environmental audit of the services delivered in customers' operations using its proprietary Coor Green Services environmental tool. Of the 125 operations audited, 69 achieved the silver standard and 28 the gold standard.

This environmental audit demonstrates that many customers had improved their environmental performance on the previous year, despite fewer customers satisfying the criteria for the gold and silver standards. The explanation is that the criteria for 2013 were made significantly more stringent.

"Coor Green Services is a dynamic tool, so we're raising its standards to keep pace with progress. Our objective is for the tool to challenge and stimulate our customers to always choose more environmentally friendly solutions. The criteria for gold and silver should be challenging – but not unachievable," commented Mikael Karlsson, EHSQ Coordination Manager for the Coor group.

The Coor Green Services standard means that most of the support services delivered at the customer's offices, real estate or plants are executed in an environmental manner. Customers really appreciate this tool, which is unique in the sense that it covers all the services Coor delivers – not just single products or services.

"We're trying to protect and take responsibility for the environment in many different ways, and Coor Green Services is a crucial aid to us in this work. It helps us maintain a concrete discussion on a structured footing with customers about environmental improvements, and I'm delighted that our customers take such a positive view of the audit. Many of our customers have high levels of environmental ambition, and we must be able to satisfy the standards they set of us as a responsible supplier," added Mikael Karlsson.

The 28 sites that achieved the gold standard in 2013 were:

  • DNA, DNA Talo
  • Ericsson, Kumla
  • Ericsson, Katrineholm
  • Ericsson, Borås
  • Ericsson, Linköping
  • Ericsson, Copenhagen
  • Ericsson, Jorvas
  • EVRY Solna
  • ICA Helsingborg
  • ICA Solna
  • ICA Sundbyberg
  • ICA Västerås Mimer
  • Iisalmen kaupunki
  • Kemira, Oulu
  • Kiinteistö Oy Opetustalo
  • Lappia, Kemi
  • Lappia, Tornio
  • NCC, Solna
  • Oulun kaupunki
  • Oulunkylän yhteiskoulun kannatusyhdistys ry
  • Oulun yliopisto
  • Skanska Fastighet, Sweden Region East
  • Skanska, Norway
  • Statoil, Harstad
  • Technopolis, Kuopio
  • Trafikverket Fastighet

Please find more information, images etc. at www.coor.com or contact:

Mikael Karlsson, Co-ordinator EHSQ, Coor Service Management Group
+46 8 553 966 24

Åsvor Brynnel, Sustainability and Comms. Manager, Coor Service Management Group
+46 8 553 954 04