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Results of 2015 environmental audit show the environment is a priority segment

Since 2010, Coor Service Management has been conducting extensive environmental audits of the support services delivered at customers’ operations, using a proprietary environmental tool, Coor Green Services. After the 2015 audit, more of its customers achieved the Gold standard—despite fewer operations being audited.

Every year, Coor conducts extensive environmental audits of the support services Coor delivers at customers’ offices, real estates or plants. The audit process is executed using Coor’s proprietary tool Coor Green Services, which is unique in respect of it covering all the services Coor delivers—not just single products or services.

FM operations at 86 sites were audited in 2015, of which 77 (or 89%) achieved the Silver or Gold standard. This is better than the previous year, when 68% of audited sites achieved the Silver or Gold standard. The customers and sites achieving the Gold standard are listed below.

“I’m delighted to see the results improving from year to year. This demonstrates that our customers view the environment as a priority—and are prepared to take action to cut their climate impact,” commented Maria Eriksson, who heads up environmental issues at Coor Service Management.

Coor Green Services is a dynamic tool, and its criteria are regularly reviewed to guarantee that it represents a high environmental standard. Due to requests from several of the company’s major customers, a Platinum standard will be added in 2016.

“Sustainability issues are critical to us at Coor, and our tool, Coor Green Services, helps us maintain a proactive dialogue on positive environmental action with our customers. Our objective is for this tool to challenge our customers to constantly choose more environmentally friendly solutions. We hope that the implementation of a platinum standard will offer further motivation,” added Maria Eriksson.

Every year, Coor Sweden selects its “Environmental Star of the Year”—the customer that distinguishes itself in the environmental segment, and the award is presented at a ceremony during second quarter 2016.

There’s more information on Coor Green Services on our website, or in a video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5F0BxTGX1c

For more information, images etc., please visit www.coor.com or contact:
Maria Eriksson HSEQ, Coor Service Management +46 8 553 966 24 maria.eriksson3@coor.com
Åsvor Brynnel Sustainability and Communications Manager,
Coor Service Management
+46 8 553 954 04 asvor.brynnel@coor.com

The 38 offices/sites that achieved Coor Green Services Gold in 2015 were:

CGI, Karlstad

Coor Service Management, Kista

DNVE Stavanger

DR (Danish Radio)

Ericsson, Copenhagen

Ericsson, Jorvas

Ericsson, Kumla

Ericsson, Borås

Ericsson, Linköping

Ericsson, Luleå

Ericsson, Lund

E.ON, Stockholm

Fortum, Karlstad

GN Store Nord A/S

ICA, Helsingborg

ICA, Kungälv

ICA, Kallebäck

ICA, Kalhäll

ICA, Borås

ICA, Solna

ICA, Sundbyberg

ICA, Västrås Mimer

ICA, Västerås Hacksta

ICA, Umeå

LF, Stockholm

Microsoft, Kista

Microsoft, Lysaker

NCC, Stockholm

NCC, Umeå

Oulun Yliopisto

Skype Sweden, Stockholm

Technopolis Kuopio

TeliaSonera, Trondheim

Vasakronan, Regionkontor Uppsala

Vasakronan, Regeringsgatan

Vasakronan, Solna Access

Vasakronan, KlaraZenit