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Winners of the Coor Awards 2015

To highlight the significance of innovation, leadership and Coor’s values, every year, we recognize staff that have distinguished themselves in different ways. The Coor Awards are an important part of Coor’s work to create a strong service culture.

The Coor Awards are prestigious recognitions given every year. Each country appoints candidates in four categories: Employee of the Year, Leader of the Year, Sale of the Year and Innovation of the Year. The Executive Management Team (EMT) selects a final winner from each category. The winners are then honored at a keynote ceremony at the group’s yearly management day events.

“The Coor Awards are a way for us to recognize all the people that make such fantastic efforts at Coor—in service delivery for customers, in creating innovations, in sales and as managers. All these segments are central for us to evolve and secure our status as a leading service management provider. I want to congratulate the winners, all of whom fully deserve these awards,” commented Mikael Stöhr, CEO and President of Coor Service Management.

Coor Award Winners in 2015:

  • Employee of the Year: Mona Heidemann, VELUX contract, Denmark
  • Manager of the Year: Ida Eriksson, AB Volvo contract, Sweden
  • Sale of the Year: Espen Henriksen, Circle K contract, Norway
  • Innovation of the year: Magnus Juslin, Anders Palmquist, Anna Frohlund and Johan Emmertz, Borealis contract, Sweden

Watch a video of the winners: www.coor.com/News--Press/Movie-room/

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