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Coor improves the indoor climate

The indoor climate at the workplace impacts and engages everyone. Studies show that clean air in the workplace can increase productivity by up to 12%. Coor launches SmartClimate™, a service solution to measure and improve the indoor climate.

Poor air quality in meeting rooms, noisy open-plan offices, the temperature being too hot or too cold. The indoor climate in the workplace affects everyone and there’s a close correlation between a sound indoor climate and the wellbeing and productivity of employees. Coor is now launching SmartClimate™, a solution that uses wireless sensor technology to measure the indoor climate. Coor’s specialists in workplace services analyze the data and provide tailored solutions for each customer.

“Coor SmartClimate™ allows us to further strengthen our portfolio of smart solutions based on IoT technology. Solutions that help our customers create attractive, healthy and productive workplaces for their employees,” commented Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation and Service Excellence at Coor.

SmartClimate in brief

  • Wireless sensor technology measures various kinds of data, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide emissions and noise
  • Coor’s specialists in workplace services also carry out qualitative interviews
  • By combining the quantitative and qualitative data, Coor’s specialists can suggest tailored solutions to improve the indoor climate.

For more information, images etc., please visit coor.com contact:

Fredrik Sandquist 
Head of Innovation & Service Excellence, Coor 
+46 10 559 59 53 

Sofie Schough 
Acting Communication Director, Coor 
+46 10 559 59 83