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Coor Service Management’s Nomination Committee for the AGM 2018

Coor Service Management´s Nomination Committee shall, in accordance with the nomination procedure adopted by the AGM, consist of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and four members appointed by the four largest shareholders, in terms of voting rights, listed in the shareholder´s register.

In addition to the chairman of the board of directors, Mats Granryd, the following have accepted their positions on the Nomination Committee:

  •  Jan Andersson, Swedbank Robur Fonder
  •  Ulrika Danielson, Second AP Fund
  •  Jan Särlvik, Nordea Funds
  •  Malin Björkmo, Handelsbanken Funds

The Annual General Meeting will be held in Stockholm on 26 April 2018.

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee in Coor Service Management should send an email to nominationcommittee@coor.com, or contact the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Jan Andersson, directly.

More information, press images etc. are available at www.coor.com. For further information, contact:

Jan Andersson 
Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Swedbank Robur 
+46 76 139 55 00 

Erik Strümpel 
General Counsel, Coor Group 
+46 10 559 59 72 

Sofie Schough 
Acting Communications manager, Coor Group 
+46 10 559 59 83