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Coor signs new and expanded IFM agreement with Fortum Värme

Coor has signed a new agreement with Fortum Värme relating to the delivery of integrated FM services. The contract is worth some SEK 55 m in annual subscription volumes, implying a doubling of the existing contract. The agreement runs for five years and the new delivery is scheduled to begin on 1 May 2018.

Coor’s assignment for Fortum Värme covers three geographical regions in Stockholm: south, northwest and the city center, which includes Fortum Värme’s head office. The delivery encompasses 450,000 m2 distributed over five primary facilities, as well as a number of leading-edge plants and pump stations. Coor is responsible for technical property operations, cleaning and work place services including technical security as well as surveillance via receptionists who have also been trained as security guards.

”We’ve had the privilege of working alongside Fortum Värme since 2013. In this period, we’ve developed our services in partnership with Fortum Värme and we’re now looking forward to taking the next step and building an even better delivery on the basis of the new agreement,” commented Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO at Coor.

Fortum Värme has emphasized the importance of sustainability in the procurement, as well as the requirement that products used meet the criteria for eco-labeling, but also that Coor, in dialogue with the Labor Market Administration in Stockholm, will review the possibility of engaging people far from the labor market, within the framework of the Fortum assignment.

"We have done a solid preparatory work for the procurement and the new agreement has a different design which creates new opportunities for ongoing follow-up and development during the contract period," says Ulrika Magnusson, Facility Management responsible, Fortum Värme.

For more information, images etc., please visit www.coor.com or contact:  

Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO at Coor
 +46 10 559 59 35 

Sofie Schough, Acting Communication director at Coor 
+46 10 559 59 83