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Coor wins key structural deal in Finland

The new agreement relates to cleaning services and was signed with one of Finland’s largest hotel operators, Sokotel Oy. The agreement is expected to generate subscription volumes of some SEK 35 m annually with the possibility of additional variable project volumes. The assignment will significantly expand Coor’s cleaning services in Finland. The contract entails the recruitment of some 200 new staff.

The assignment implies Coor providing cleaning services at six Sokotel hotel units under the brand Radisson Blu and Sokos Hotels in Helsinki, Espoo and Oulu. The contract encompasses cleaning of hotel rooms and restaurants and other public spaces associated with the hotel premises. The agreement will be implemented in stages from mid-December 2017.

“The agreement strengthens Coor’s position as a major facility management provider in Finland. I’m proud of the results of our long-term improvement work and look forward to progressing the collaboration with Sokotel in Finland,” commented Johan Mild, CEO of Coor Finland.

Over the last two years, Coor Finland has implemented significant strategic changes to operations that have created an efficient delivery organization built around the key areas of development and customer focus.

“The agreement with Sokos Hotel is a key deal for Coor. It generates continued structural growth in our Finnish operations and broadens our customer base in the Nordics,” commented Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO of Coor.

For more information, images etc., please visit www.coor.com or contact:

Mikael Stöhr 
President and CEO at Coor 
+46 10 559 59 35 

Johan Mild 
CEO, Coor in Finland 
+358 10 234 60 00 

Åsvor Brynnel 
Communications and Sustainability Director, Coor 
+46 10 559 54 04 

Sokotel Oy is an SOK subsidiary in charge of hospitality business operations. Sokotel runs 14 Sokos Hotels and seven Radisson Blu Hotels in Finland. Sokotel’s operations focus on the capital city area, but the company also runs hotel units in Tampere, Vaasa and Oulu.