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Less food waste reduces climate change

Food & beverage is one of Coor’s largest service areas, and Coor’s 120 restaurants makes it one of the Nordics’ leading restaurant operators. In order to reduce food waste, Coor will start to measure all food waste. The objective is to reduce food waste by a total of 20 per cent in one year.

Food waste currently causes a large proportion of the overall environmental impact in the Nordics and needs to be reduced throughout the food supply chain—by manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, stores, restaurants, catering kitchens and households. Coor is one of the Nordics’ leading FM providers, and food & beverage is one of the company’s biggest service areas. Coor currently operates over 120 restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Coor is now introducing a program aimed at measuring food waste across all its restaurant facilities. Food waste occurs in the food preparation process in kitchens, during serving as well as at the dish station.

”We’ve previously measured food waste in a number of our restaurants, and are now introducing a uniform measurement instrument across all operations. We’re starting by measuring and following-up our food service provision, and the next step will be to set targets for individual restaurants. The objective is to reduce food waste by 20 per cent in one year. To achieve that, changes will need to be made to the food production process, and we’ll need to encourage our end customers to only take as much food as they’ll eat,” commented Per Åhrén, Service Excellence Owner, Food & Beverage, at Coor.

Food waste will be measured on a daily basis and entered into a dedicated system developed by Coor.

”Like all responsible companies, we’re working to reduce our environmental impact through a range of measures. The raw materials handling process is one of five major environmental factors, and this is a significant step in the right direction in terms of reducing our environmental impact,” commented Åsvor Brynnel, Communications and Sustainability Director at Coor.

Read more about Coors´environmental efforts in the Sustainability Report 2016 at www.coor.com.

For more information, images etc., please visit www.coor.com or contact:
Per Åhrén, Service Excellence Manager, Coor  +46 10 559 59 54   
Åsvor Brynnel, Communications and Sustainability Director +46 10 559 54 04