The right attitude was crucial

When EDB Business Partner Sweden decided to outsource its service functions, the right personal attitude was a major factor in deciding the choice of service supplier.

“When looking for a supplier, apart from professionalism and quality of service we also placed extensive demands on the right attitude and greeting among personnel”, says Sven Forsberg, staff manager at EDB Business Partner Sweden.

EDB Business Partner Sweden is a leading Nordic IT company. In addition to EDB Business Partner, the Swedish head office is also home to acquired companies Guide, Astrakan, Dropit and Spring Consulting. Preparations to outsource office service began in 2005 and the procurement process took place in 2006. Today, Coor deals with all office service at EDB’s Swedish headquarters in Solna, outside Stockholm.

A positive attitude and a service-minded approach among service personnel were important requirements for EDB.

“It was extremely important to us that the partner we chose understood our situation and had the right attitude. We live in a tremendously turbulent world, so it’s important to work actively on the atmosphere at the workplace, and create the right foundation for the personnel to do a good job,” Sven Forsberg continues.

Collaboration in Norway too

EDB has decided to place all internal service management with Coor, a contract which includes reception, conference services, local services and mail processing. Coor and EDB were already working together in Norway on a similar kind of contract.

As Coor’s contract was beginning, ownership of the building passed into new hands. Consequently, the division of responsibilities between Coor, EDB and the new property owner became a key issue.

“We have a close dialogue with Coor, so for instance we assess and decide on what is part of their assignment and what should be left to the property owner. I think we have a good working model in place. It’s always a challenge to outsource what is effectively the company’s face out to the public. It’s the first thing clients see when they visit so it’s a very important function. There are also very different kinds of business being run in the building, and it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and welcome,” Forsberg concludes.

About EDB

EDB Business Partner is a leading, listed Nordic IT group with a turnover of SEK 6.7 billion in 2006 and 3,900 employees, 1,350 of whom are in Sweden. EDB offers value-creating IT service in IT consultancy and application services, operation and infrastructure, as well as industry-specific solutions in selected segments. EDB aims to be a strong, close IT partner that helps clients increase their competitiveness and achieve their business goals. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

About the service assignment

Coor Service Management supplies office service at EDB’s Swedish headquarters in Solna. Coor and EDB also work together in Norway, where Coor is responsible for services such as property management, caretaking, reception and switchboard, service centre and mail processing at the EDB offices in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.