Mikael Stöhr

New logo—with the same excellent service and high ambition

Coor started as a part of Skanska in 1998. When our owners changed in 2004, we became an independent service company and changed our name to Coor Service Management. The logo was designed by Lars Hall, one of Sweden’s top designers. Twelve years on, it’s now time to make some minor adjustments.

Did you know what the Coor logo represents? The star in the center symbolizes our customers, surrounded by Coor. It's also possible to interpret the logo as signifying the fact that we take care of all the aspects that lie outside our customers' core operations. We do this in a way that creates value for our customers, and optimizes their operations: we make our customers into stars.

Our current name consists of two parts—"Coor", our main name (what we're known as) and the addition "Service Management" (describes what we do). This combination was logical when we first decided on our name, as awareness of Coor was less widespread at that time. Since then, we've progressed and grown into one of the Nordics' leading service companies, and this means that we're now ready to let go of the "service management" element of our logo. A shorter name rolls more easily off the tongue and is easier to manage.

The change doesn't mean that we're also changing focus or direction. Service management means "coordinated and effective control of one or several services, ensuring that services are delivered at the agreed time and place, at the agreed quality and cost." (Wikipedia) We'll continue to do this—as efficiently, sustainably an intelligently as possible.

You can read more about some examples of what we mean in this issue of Nova, particularly what it implies for our cleaning services, one of our biggest service areas. It's also pleasing to be able to present the Environmental Star of the Year—an award we give to customers who make outstanding contributions in the environmental area. This year, we gave the award to Länsförsäkringar in Stockholm, a very deserving winner. I hope you enjoy the read!

Stockholm, Sweden, September 2016
Mikael Stöhr
President and CEO, Coor Group