Coor to deliver FM services for Nordea

Coor Service Management is to deliver FM services to northern European financial services group Nordea. The agreement means Coor developing and delivering a raft of FM services at some 40 Nordea branches in Sweden. This new agreement means Coor extending its undertakings for Nordea across the Nordic region.

Nordea is the largest banking group in the Nordics with some 10 million customers. The new agreement has a three-year term with a two-year extension option.
Coor was already responsible for delivering and developing integrated FM solutions at several Nordea offices in Norway.

"We're delighted about this new assignment from Nordea, which we view as corroboration that we have a competitive and good offering. The assignment strengthens our positioning as the leading vendor of IFM services," commented Tania Smelova, Coor's Business Unit President.

This assignment means that Coor will be delivering FM services, primarily cleaning and janitor services, at some 40 Nordea branches across the Swedish counties of Småland and Gävleborg/Uppland.

For further information contact:

Tania Smelova Business Unit President, Coor Service Management +46 8 553 957 65

Åsvor Brynnel Communications manager, Coor Service Management +46 8 553 954 04