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Coor awarded high score by CDP

CDP assigned Coor a ‘B’ for 2021.

Forest in a sunny day | Coor

CDP is an independent global sustainability index that evaluates companies’ climate work and scores it from A to D. The ratings system evaluates companies based on transparency, awareness and management of climate risks and opportunities. It also evaluates the companies’ ability to set relevant goals in the area.

CDP assigned Coor a ‘B’ for 2021

“We are extremely proud that Coor received a high score. In 2021, we focused sharply on improving our ability to calculate our emissions, but we also invested in actively seeking to reduce them. I see the CDP score as evidence of our leading-edge climate work, our climate-conscious management and the effectiveness of our corporate responsibility work,” commented Maria Ekman, Head of Sustainability at Coor.

The CDP sustainability index is renowned globally. The index helps customers and investors to assess a company’s climate work and to consider environmental factors in investment decisions.