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Coor increases focus on sustainability

Bonuses linked to sustainability goals.

Coor’s overarching goal is to be a sustainable company. Already last year, Coor’s CEO AnnaCarin Grandin reviewed variable remuneration to all senior managers and key personnel in the company ahead of 2021. In addition to financial targets, non-financial sustainability targets will now also need to be met to receive variable remuneration in future.

The financial goals focused on growth, profitability and cash flow, which were previously the foundation of the incentive program are now complemented by goals relating to social and environmental sustainability. Social goals focus on employee satisfaction and reduced injuries at work. Financial targets are complemented with customer satisfaction goals. Since 2022, the environmental goals, focusing on reducing Coor’s climate footprint, are also included in the incentive scheme.

Coor seeks to pursue responsible business. This means that the company assumes responsibility in three dimensions: business responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. All three dimensions are important for ensuring that Coor retains its Nordic market leadership in facility management services.

“The aim is to update our model for variable remuneration and to sharpen our focus on sustainability at Coor, and encourage behavior that supports our long-term goals. This is important to us internally, but we are also noticing that the market and investors see this as positive,” AnnaCarin Grandin commented.

“Our commitment to sustainability focuses on the areas where we can make a positive difference to our customers, society as a whole and our own operations. I am convinced that our managers and key personnel want to contribute to this work, and it is the natural next step to reward their contribution to Coor’s sustainable development,” AnnaCarin Grandin concludes.