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Coor tops equality index

Coor is the most equal company in Sweden according to SHE Index powered by EY.

Coor Winning for Equality Index | Coor

SHE Index powered by EY is a tool for measuring and supporting quality work. Companies participate in the service on a voluntary basis, and answer 36 questions in six different categories in order to calculate and individual index score. The index also evaluates the companies’ work in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

Coor achieved a total of 92 of 100 possible points in this year’s SHE Index. This means that Coor is the number one company in Sweden in terms of equality.

“For us at Coor, our people are the most important factor for our success – and all employees are equally important. We always strive for equality, diversity and inclusion, and this award proves that we are on the right track in terms of this important work,” commented Magnus Wikström, CEO of Coor Sweden.

The work relating to equality and inclusion will remain high on Coor’s agenda.

“One of our goals relates to equal opportunities – having an equal number of male and female managers. This year, we achieved that goal and I am very proud of this. Coor will continue to focus on these questions and the award gives us even more energy to do this,” commented Magnus Wikström.