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Coor’s vehicle fleet is being electrified

Coor’s goal is to become a truly sustainable company. We are committed to the Science Based Targets initiative and while the work to get our goals approved is underway, several initiatives are now being introduced to promote responsible consumption and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of them is that Coor's executive management group decided to electrify the company’s car fleet.

Coor currently uses three primary types of vehicle; benefit cars, company cars and service vehicles.

Today, only cars that are 100% electric can be ordered as benefit cars within Coor. Coor’s four national markets have been tasked with starting the transition to an electrified vehicle fleet for service vehicles and leasing cars, with the aim of achieving our long-term ambition of a fully fossil-free vehicle fleet.

“Electrifying our vehicle fleet is one of several important initiatives that we are introducing to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, while it is also an important signal to our customers and staff that we are serious about becoming truly sustainable” Klas Elmberg, CFO and IR Director at Coor commented.