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Khanh is studying for a degree at work

“This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to develop their skills.”

Woman smiling in black work clothes| Coor

A certificate of apprenticeship is a Norwegian vocational degree that is based on studies and practical experience in a specific profession. The Norwegian Parliament has made it easier for employees in industrial kitchens and the construction sector to gain a certificate of apprenticeship in collaboration with their employers without giving up their employment or salary.

As part of Coor Society Program, around 20 Coor employees are currently studying for a vocational certificate during working hours. One of them is kitchen staff member Khanh Thi Kim Ho, who for the past five years has been working in the Food by Coor kitchen at Coor’s customer Equinor in Oslo. She is responsible for catering at meetings and helps the chefs in the kitchen during large events. Khanh is currently doing six hours of study every other Wednesday.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to develop their skills while continuing to work and keeping their salary. I see this as my big chance. A vocational certificate often leads to a better salary and more responsibility, says Khanh, who dreams of becoming a chef.”