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Sustainability in several dimensions

Coor is the Nordic market leader in Integrated Facility Management.
For Coor, sustainability means much more than just addressing environmental issues—we focus sharply on diversity with employees from all over the world and last year, we employed an equal number of female and male managers. In 2021, Coor signed the Science Based Targets Initiative which aims to limit global warming.

Klas Elmberg - Group CFO&IR director | Coor

Sustainability for us

”For us, sustainability is about much more than just the environmental aspects—it is about running our business as efficiently as possible in three dimensions. There is the classic business dimension which relates to the company’s growth and expansion, while ensuring profitability and satisfied customers. Then there are the social and environmental dimensions,” Klas Elmberg, CFO at Coor explains.

more perspectives make us better

Focus on diversity and employee satisfaction

In the social dimension, we focus sharply on ensuring that our employees are satisfied and happy, and have the opportunity to grow and develop their careers within the company. Coor’s goal is to have an equal number of female and male managers, and we have succeeded in achieving this. With just over 11,000 employees originating from around the world, diversity is also a key issue for Coor.

“For us, diversity is about much more than words in a control document. Our staff are ethnically and culturally diverse, something that we are extremely proud of. Our goal is for our staff to reflect our customers and society as a whole. We see diversity as enriching—more perspectives make us better, more profitable and more receptive. The fact that Coor’s employees come from a range of different backgrounds is a clear asset, which increases innovation and creativity,” Klas Elmberg explains.

“We provide many people with their first job opportunity and a path into the working life, while also offering individuals that have been outside the labor market a way back. This could be young people, recent immigrants or people that have gone through a challenging time for various reasons,” Klas Elmberg continues.

Chef in the kitchen putting food on the plate | Coor
Small path in a forest sunny day | Coor

We help our customers to achieve their sustainability targets

Taking environmental responsibility

Coor’s decision to sign the Science Based Targets Initiative and set climate targets to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees is a natural step, according to Klas. This relates to taking responsibility for Coor’s climate impact throughout the value chain and continuously seeking out new improvements. Coor also helps its customers to think climate smart and achieve their sustainability targets.

“We optimize our customers’ energy use through solutions such as SmartEnergy, and all cleaning is virtually chemicals-free in several of Coor’s contracts. We actively seek to develop more sustainable business models internally, and alongside our customers. For example, we recently accelerated the shift towards an electrified and fossil-free vehicle fleet while also supporting research into sustainability, food and attractive office solutions,” Klas Elmberg continues.

“We package a range of services into an offering aimed at our customers in the private and public sector. This allows us to create efficient solutions and makes life easier for our customers as they only need to deal with a single service provider for all their needs.