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Gamification builds skills at Aibel Kokstad

At the Aibel Kokstad contract in Bergen, Norway, Coor provides several services, from caretaking to cleaning. To build skills in the different fields, they have used Coor’s game-based digital learning tool, which has been fun and educational.

Coor Employees working at the Aibel contract
Finding new methods for training and skill enhancement is important to Coor. As a result, the company now offers two digital learning platforms: My Learning and My Learning 3D, which consist of different modules that teach skills in Coor’s service areas using quiz games and gamification.

For the eleven people in the big team at the Aibel Kokstad contract, this has been a successful training method. Caretaker Bjarte Rolland and team leader Lisbeth Pedersen see several advantages to digital learning and gamification compared with traditional training.
“This learning method provides practice without needing the time and energy to read the same passage over and over,” Bjarte explains. “You may want to redo a module a few times.”
Lisbeth adds: “In the 3D game you go around to different rooms and search for things that have changed or are not correct. You learn to observe things, and that makes you more aware if the event should happen in real life.”

She also thinks that one of the big advantages of the games is that you learn about the work of other departments and situations that might occur in their areas.
“We’re confident about our own departments and know what happens in them,” she says, “but learning more about what the other departments do is important and one of the best parts of this method.”
“In most cases, you know very little about other areas,” Bjarte adds, “so you learn a lot when you do those modules.”

What is your impression of digital learning?
“It’s been fun,” Bjarte says, “especially during the pandemic, when fewer people from Aibel have been on site and I’ve had some extra time. Sometimes on quiet days I’ve done modules several times.”
“When you do something over and over, it gets ingrained in a whole different way,” Lisbeth adds.

They tell us that the whole team at Aibel appreciates the digital learning tools – which also have a points system and top score lists per employee and per department.
“It’s become sort of a competition and everyone has participated,” Bjarte says. “It’s always fun to get ahead of another department.”

Bjarte is also one of the employees at Coor in Norway who has the best scores in the quiz modules.
“In the toughest part of the pandemic, I saw that I was in third place,” he says. “So I decided to see if I could make it to number two or one. I already had 100% scores on all the modules, so I wanted to try doing them even faster. It turned into a sort of personal challenge. And I made it, and no one has beaten me yet!” he laughs. 

Text: Isabella Mickols  Photo: Silje Chantel Johnsen

“When you do something over and over, it gets ingrained in a whole different way.”