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The Workplace Revolution is here!

It's time for the employers to create attractive offices from the needs of their employees. Coor knows what's important: smart, sustainable and functional workplaces that encourages well-being, human interaction, creativity and innovation.

Future Worklife | Coor

Wellbeing in focus for the future workplace 

The office environment is now a make-or-break question for Nordic companies, the hybrid office is here to stay, and mental health and wellbeing are the areas that Nordic companies consider most important to focus on over the coming years.

These are some of the insights from our latest survey on the workplace of the future, which 1,022 Nordic decision-makers and employees responded to. As many as 7 out of 10 employers experience difficulties in attracting their employees back to the offices. At the same time, one third of the employees are considering quitting if no improvements are made in the office. Employees want better opportunities to work undisturbed and food & beverage services are key to attracting them back to the office. Read our new report for more exciting insights.

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Join the Workplace Revolution

New research, insights and ideas on your journey to the future workplace.

Webinar: The future-proof workplace in a changing world

Meet our workplace experts

Our report from 2022 exposed challenges

In the report Join the Workplace Revolution, you can learn that Half of all Nordic companies find it difficult to get employees back to the offices since many of them demand full flexibility.

After the pandemic, employers need to create efficient and attractive offices that meet the needs of employees. If no office improvements are made, 36% consider changing employers.
The figure is as much as 47% in the 18 to 30 age group.

Three out of five companies are currently planning structural adjustments to meet new requirements. This is shown by a new survey that Coor commissioned among 1,300 decision-makers and employees in the Nordic region.

Report (JTWR) | Coor

Join the Workplace Revolution 2022

Insights, experiences and advice on the journey towards the workplace of the future - how to make the needs between companies and their employees meet.


Some of our services

Safer Workplaces | Coor

Coor Advisory develops the workplaces of the future and creates value by offering strategic advice with the aim of developing attractive, thriving and inspiring workplaces and working lives. Our consultants help you to design strategies and concepts for the workplace of the future—together we create amazing employee experiences. We offer everything from in-depth pilot studies to determine your employees’ needs to inspiring workshops and project management of complex workplace changes. Coor Advisory has helped customers develop efficient and sustainable workplaces since 2009. With the whole of Coor behind us, we’re well equipped to help you on your change journey.

Some common questions that we help our customers to answer include:

  • We need to ensure attractive offices and staff well-being and productivity, what should we do and what’s the next step?​
  • We have fixed workstations and want to move towards a more flexible way of working—please help us!​
  • We don’t think we’re using our office space optimally at present, what could we change?​
  • We need to develop a workplace strategy for our offices, what do we want the office to help us achieve?​
  • How do we ensure continuous development of our office and/or how can we monitor that the office is creating the right value for us over time?​
  • What changes should we introduce ahead of returning to the workplace after the pandemic?

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Hälsosam arbetsmiljö | Coor

In order to reduce infection risk, you need to consider the kind of workplace or premises you work in, and how they are furnished. Cleaning services are usually procured on the basis of results, standards or frequency, but during the pandemic demand has increased for staffing solutions that focus on flexibility and local adaptations.

Read more about Coor Cleaning Host

Safer workplace - renare luft | Coor

Coor Smart Climate p.b LightAir is a subscription service that provides clean air and a safer indoor environment. Our solution is based on products with verified functionality, including a 7-year study by Karolinska Institute that examines the effectiveness of the virus inhibitor.

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Jens Ebbe Rasmussen, Coor

Jens Ebbe Rasmussen

Senior Vice President Business Development

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