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Our employees

"I've always liked to find uses for new tech"

When civil engineer Ylva Norlin was on parental leave, she was looking for a new challenge and immediately fell for Coor's advert. For just over a year now, she has worked as a service development manager for four of our smart property solutions and feels at home.

Ylva Norlin started working as a service development manager at Coor in 2022. Her main tasks are to develop new services that make tasks safer, faster and smoother to perform. It can also be about adding value by developing a completely new service.
"In short, my job is to identify smarter ways of doing things with the help of new technology. For example, using augmented reality (AR) to collaborate remotely or drones to detect energy leaks,” Ylva explains.

Great interest in new technology

Ylva has a master's degree in industrial engineering and management and has previously worked with IoT solutions at Dell and as a consultant at PwC, where she acted as an advisor to companies that needed help with their digitization journeys. Although Ylva enjoyed working as a consultant, she began to look for a new challenge while she was on parental leave.
"I thought Coor's ad was written for me and immediately felt that this was the position I wanted. Finding different uses for new technology has always interested me. There's so much going on in the real estate industry when it comes to technology and innovation, which made the position at Coor particularly interesting,” Ylva says.

Important to be solution-oriented

The job as a service development manager at Coor Group is very varied. Ylva works with four different solutions in Coor's property offering: SmartDrone, SmartReality, SmartEnergy and SmartCharge.
"One day I'm working on developing an existing partnership and getting completed solutions out on the market, and the next day I'm researching brand new solutions or conceptualizing and piloting solutions before they are tested at the customer," Ylva explains.

The varied work requires a high degree of curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills.
“The wide range of solutions we can offer to our customers results in many exciting projects. Being involved in a solution’s journey from concept to delivering value to our customers is very rewarding and one of the best things about my job,” Ylva says.

You feel at home

Many people wonder what it's like to work at Coor, and this is how Ylva responds to that:
“We have a warm and welcoming culture. You feel at home. I was actually a little surprised by the development opportunities that exist here and understand why Coor has attracted so much talent,” Ylva concludes.

When Ylva is not developing new services, she likes to go cross-country skiing, work out at the gym and spend time with her family.

Name: Ylva Norlin
Stockholm, Sweden
Service Development Manager at Coor Group
Years at Coor: