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Coor grows even in difficult times

"Coor is something so unusual as a stable growth company with a future ahead of it". This is written by Aktiespararen, who met our CEO AnnaCarin Grandin. Read the full interview here.



INTERVIEW When the need for cleaning services intensified during the pandemic, Coor showed proof of solution-oriented flexibility. While the aviation industry basically stood still, services in advanced cleaning rapidly grew to service 24 hours a day.

"During the pandemic, we benefited from the fact that we are entrepreneur-driven and have a decentralized organization," AnnaCarin Grandin concludes when Aktiespararen's reporter meets her at Coor's headquarters in Kista for a conversation about the value of stability in uncertain times.


Click the image below to read the entire interview as a pdf (Swedish)

News paper spread with article about Coor


You can also read the interview with AnnaCarin Grandin here at Aktiespararens website.