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Code of Conduct

Coor’s suppliers and their potential subcontractors should comply with the principles in the Code of Conduct for suppliers. You can find the Code of Conduct document for suppliers and their subcontractors below.

Coor personal iklädda deras arbetskläder | Coor

Coor sets high standards on its own operations and assumes substantial responsibility for the impact it has on the environment, society, and Coor's customers' operations in a wider perspective. Business should be conducted in a professional, safe and environmentally friendly manner that satisfies all the requirements set by applicable legislation, sector standards and agreements.

Coor's business should feature high ethical and moral standards. Coor also endeavors to be a responsible employer with focus on employee development. Coor sets the same high standards on suppliers and their potential subcontractors.

The principles Coor's suppliers and their potential subcontractors should comply with are reviewed in the Code of Conduct document below.

A facility for reporting suspected non-compliance—whistleblower portal

A new whistleblower portal, which was launched in 2016, is a Group-wide web service enabling Coor’s employees, as well as its suppliers and customers, to submit anonymous reports if they suspect someone at Coor has breached Coor’s Code of Conduct. This portal is maintained by an external provider, and is available in all the Nordic languages as well as English, Polish, German, Dutch, Estonian, French and Hungarian. Reports uploaded are encrypted, and then forwarded anonymously to Coor’s legal department, who will investigate all cases received.

The whistleblower portal can be found here: https://report.whistleb.com/en/coor